On this site I want to show some of the wonderful things available on the Internet.Why not teach poetry this way? ake a look at what is available. You may want to start here:


Taylor Mali - What do Teachers really Make (lyrics)

Taylor Mali - The the impotence of Proofreading (lyrics)

Afael Casal - Barbie & Ken 101 (lyrics)

Alicia Keys - Pow - A woman's worth (lyrics)

Charles Bukowski - Dinosauria we

Billie Holliday - Strange Fruit - R&B version (lyrics)

Sylvia Plath - Daddy

Kayne West - Bitter Sweet

Sharrif Simmons- Fuck what you heard

Amir Suleyman - Danger (lyrics )

Amir Syleiman - She said I prefer a broken neck

Julian Curry - Nigger

Lisa Gaza - My Everything

Billy collins - The Dead

  Billy Collins Forgetfulness

Unfinished - Black History

Sarah Key - Hands

Paddy's sick note (lyrics)





Cartoon - Trail of tears

The British Empire


http://www.poetseers.org - all religions

History of the empires

Muhammed Ali The Greatest



Run a sarch on Google and you will be surprised

There are also a great deal of fabulour lectures if you want to learn something new.